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Happy chicks make happy hens make phenomenal eggs


Back to normal: day in the life of a chicken

Back to normal: day in the life of a chicken



All this Ascension is exhausting.  I spent most of the ‘energy window’ – all of July through three eclipses, meteor showers and most of August til 20th’s new moon of Ramadan – feeling like a pawn on the Chessboard of the Cosmos. After the much-acclaimed stargate of August 8th (blog below), until the moon reappeared in the western sky last night, I felt alternately like an empowered new being and a wet rag. Now, with the crescent moon once again returning to grace the heavens, the wet rag syndrome persists.

During the Window, that’s going on for a month and a half now, I found myself unusually alone, without disturbance of any kind except for the hens, one surviving cockerel (fox got the rest)  a couple of late-hatching chicks; a multitude of swallows and other more resident avians and my cats.  I don’t have to explain I live in the wilds of Scotland; it is not uncommon for people round here to have more bird and mammal company than human. The ancient (and infrastructurally-challenged) parish in which I live has more organic veggie gardens and freerange hens and ducks per capita than Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s neighbourhood at River Cottage.  As a writer, this suits me rather well.  In my time I’ve been described as a loner, ‘self-sufficient’ not always meant in a kindly way, and able to get on with the daily Zen tasks of chopping wood and carrying water.  

But during the Window, there was an urge to do more.

I was daily attempting peaceful meditation, weeding, tending zucchini and tomato patches, and feeding birds; but appearances were bringing me messages from places so remotely unearthly, that it was a struggle to sleep.   I was nightly communicating like a mad thing with other ‘light-beings’ on and off the web.  By this I mean in dreams, but also on such miraculous dot-ning sites as Humanity Healing  >< as well as other spiritual bloggers, because we admitted to being energized by something greater than ourselves.

We all saw at least one of the eclipses (didn’t we?): however I seem to have chosen strange moments to go outside at night to be greeted, for example, by the astonishing brightness of Venus close to the waning moon, the Perseid meteors, and quite an array of noctilucent clouds, passing satellites, even one brief glimpse of (was it?) aurora borealis in the darkening August night.  

All my sleepless nights could be attributed to too much activity in the daytime and maybe (I’m loathe to admit) too much time tapping the keyboard of my beloved laptop.   My father, (which art in heaven, bless his woolly socks) used to tell me I had an overactive brain.  I have come, not uncharacteristically, to believe him, but also to thank him for passing on the genetic strain.  It serves me well.  I like using it, continue to lubricate it and enjoy watching where it will take me.  But the upshot of this, the energy Window (Infinity Gate 8/8), is that post-new-moon I am now completely blah. Done.  Wrung-out.  

They say two things: esoterically, ‘Let Go and Let God’ …

   … and journalistically, ‘Write About What You Know’.

So today, in surfing to see if, post-energetic-blast,  the globe and its earthlings had learned anything from the cosmic trigger to our light-code, our DNA-enhancement;  I came upon two movements of note.

The first is a New Zealand impetus to remove the world’s plastic rubbish from the North Pacific Gyre (Google it: trash vortex twice the size of Texas; it’s been going on for years, but only recently been getting attention in northern countries, many of whose trash ships dump there) where ocean animals are dying needlessly at our own thoughtless hand. The North Pacific Gyre coalesces and holds  the world’s discarded plastic.  Throwing ‘Away’ – this is where ‘Away’ is.

Second: Chicken Out.  Bet you wondered when I’d get to it.  

I love it: but I don’t have to proselytize: Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Bill Oddie are already doing a magnificent job getting the Brit public to wake up and care for some of the birds in our midst.  Hence Chicken Out.

More plastic than plankton in the North Pacific Gyre

More plastic than plankton in the North Pacific Gyre

 I tried to get one of their gang (another tv presenter who shall be nameless) to do the same with Tesco  and other supermarkets’ shameful stance on (not) taking responsibility for their overuse of plastic… but that’s for another day, another blog.


I think I’ll just go outside now and see how Henrietta and Phoenix and Mrs Brown are getting on.  They didn’t lay this morning.  I think they were a little miffed that I wasn’t up betimes with their usual plate of leftovers and a handful of barley (thanks to my neighbour, Jimmy) to top up their flaccid crops and set them pecking again: vying with blackbirds and thrush for worms in the newly-turned earth.

The light-workers, soothsayers, astrologers say we’re not done yet.  Saturn’s in Virgo at the moment.  The Sun just entered that same zodiacal sign. In round about ten days from now the two bodies will astrologically appear conjunct.  It is said something profound will happen then to the human race.  Don’t ask.  I’m only the wet rag, here.  What do I know?

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  1. My grandfather was an astrologer and a scientist, and while I never really studied astrology, I grew up with the planets as my friends. Each had a character, and each influenced my life they way I always knew they would.
    And then I grew up, and got caught up in ‘real life’. Forgot all about the planets and how they control my destiny. But it is strange- the last six weeks have been a period of upheaval (and not just in the negative sense) for me. Illusions I held onto, I am now being forced to question, and I seem to be going through a phase where I want to purge the clutter out of my life – physically and otherwise.
    And after reading your post, I realise they heavens are changing too. I guess I must pay more attention to the things that matter, even if two kids under six leave me no time even to breathe.

    Thanks, Marian.


    Comment by Natasha | August 24, 2009 | Reply

    • Natasha: you are blessed beyond belief to have that kind of knowledge in your background. I had to learn astrology the hard way – my parents’ generation didn’t approve… I just learned that the year 1607 marked the end of astrology as an accepted science in Europe. Before this time, astrologers were employed by the Catholic Church and most of Europe’s monarchies, serving as an official part of the spiritual order. It’s taken us a long time to return to some of its wisdom.

      Your children come first, of course, but you seem to have hit on two aspects of this last few weeks of change for us all: questioning long-held beliefs & clearance. Thanks for your honesty and confirmation. As you say, not all change is bad. We shall see what the next week or so brings, shan’t we? lol

      Comment by siderealview | August 24, 2009 | Reply

      • The tragedy in India is that so much of our heritage which even to my parent’s generation was a part of daily life, we are now totally ignoring and losing. Even the days of the week in Hindi are named after the planets, and each day was imbued with characteristics of that planet.

        But now, that knowledge is fast getting extinct, and worse, is being replaced by superstition. People resort to quick fixes like paying an astrologer-jeweler to give them a coral to appease Mars, while ignoring why it is at all being done.

        I guess I was lucky to grow up in a household that was both scientific enough to question superstition, and traditional enough to pass on knowledge. Must now make sure at least my kids get some of that from me.

        Comment by Natasha | August 25, 2009

      • thank you so much for this comment, Natasha: we in the West lost this such a long time ago (i.e. probably right after 1607) and only the disapproval remains. While the days of the week in English are also related to the heavens – Moon, Norse gods/goddesses, Saturn (relevant) and Sun – in that order – few people remember or even know…
        You may be interested to know a fellow countryman of yours posted an in-depth reply to one of my other blogs. You may like to read it at
        Again – so glad we can support each other in this. And it is your children who will benefit enormously from a deeper understanding.

        Comment by siderealview | August 25, 2009

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