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Out Like A Lion: Mad March & June’s Grand Cross

Leo - Lion constellation of the spring and summer skies

‘In Like a Lamb – Out Like a Lion’ – Anon
Traditional wisdom surrounding weather in March Farmers’ Almanac

Lord Byron – whose mother Catherine Gordon was born at Gight in Aberdeenshire – had a healthy disregard for British weather – possibly one of his reasons for self-imposed exile in Italy and Greece. Genetically a Scot, his lineage shows in his:

“English winter – ending in July
To recommence in August”

After my previous long blog on weather, particularly the singular non-summer of 2009, I promised myself I wouldn’t allow it to dominate my consciousness. But circumstances never quite follow the rules and as I’m not alone in experiencing a return to winter over the March 2010 full moon, I think I’m allowed to empathize with others in our shared predicament:

‘What freezings have I felt, what dark days seen’ William Shakespeare

While the extreme North of Scotland may have had all the ‘freezings’ it can possibly endure, I feel sorry for the people of Perthshire who tonight, under this March full moon’s anomalous influence, are being subjected to their seventh storm of sleet and freezing rain this winter/(spring). It certainly fosters strength of spirit.

Human Race in for a rocky ride - Colorado highway blocked by rockfall, fueled by March snow conditions

Colorado – at this time of year the so-called Recreation State, because Aspen welcomes thousands in ‘spring break’ from school – has had yo-yo conditions: similar to those experienced by Vancouver for the Winter Olympics in early February. That means no snow on the Aspen runs (expensive snow-blowers and snow-creation turbines hauled in to coat ski slopes), while a few miles distant at Mount Evans, highways have been blocked by mammoth snowdrifts, rockfalls from heavy snow and, essentially, a return to January.

Snow is currently descending again on Mount Fuji in Japan, at the same latitude as Los Angeles in Southern California.

But it’s nearly over.

American poet Wallace Stevens talked of the ‘distant glitter of the January sun’ and yet we know its light is coming closer now. Days are getting longer. Global clocks have sprung forward.

John Masefield spoke of our challenges during ‘Mad March Days’ in his exquisite poem on ocean traders: ‘Cargoes.’ Metaphors mixed with gold moidores, amethysts and topazes borne by his Spanish galleon, and his peacock-bearing quinquereme take his reader to heights, only to bring him back down to earth with the salt-caked smokestack of his ‘dirty British coaster’ ‘butting through the Channel.’

His spirit could fly, however, in spite of his description of ‘wind like a whetted knife’. He may have felt the chill of British isolation amid a ‘grey mist on the sea’s face’, but he had presence-of-mind to dream of far-off places to stave off the chill days of Mad March.

‘… all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.’

In these long drawn-out days between winter and spring, we in sodden Scotland do indeed need a star to steer by.

The Moons of Saturn combine to influence the coming Grand Cross in June

Since Autumn 2008, along with Mars, the solar system’s three largest planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus have been slowly moving into position to form a Cardinal Grand Cross in mid June 2010. A series of Crosses follows on, including one in June 2012 and another in June 2014. This June should give us a taste of what’s to come.

In astrology the cardinal signs signal the beginning of each new season: Aries stands at spring equinox; Cancer at summer solstice; Libra at autumn equinox and Capricorn, at midwinter. Energy in cardinal signs is characterized as active, outgoing, taking initiative. Its negative side is associated with lack of stamina or staying power.

Cardinal zodiac signs stand at the hinges of the seasons

Cardinal equals primary, fundamental, an energy standing at a hinge or doorway in time. People whose astrological charts feature cardinal zodiac signs are unafraid to try something new. A cardinal cross signifies a meeting of great influential heavenly bodies at a hinge of the seasons and the upcoming Grand Cross begins on June 25th (three days after solstice) and lasts until August 5th. Its second phase stretches from November 1st until December 26th.

In an individual’s zodiac birth chart, the presence of a Grand Cross – or four ‘squares’ – represents a potent combination of conflicting energies. If/when resolved, it can create a determined, dynamic and forceful personality with a strong sense of purpose or destiny.

The individual in the middle of this year’s Cardinal Grand Cross in June is the planet Earth and we earthlings perched on her surface are in for a rocky ride.

At this Cosmic Doorway we the human race will be stretched, pushed, pulled, tested, chewed and, possibly, even spat out by the Cosmic Forces. It will take all our fortitude, peace-of-mind, spiritual discipline and love and devotion to our fellow beings to guide us through this challenging time.

An astrological Cross occurs when four (or more) planets connect in a giant square: two in opposition to one another at right angles to two more, also in opposition. The configuration brings energies into conflict, a period of tension, but is often a catalyst for (spiritual and societal) growth. It is certainly a time of great change.

This June, against a backdrop of Uranus squared Pluto (the planet of birth and death), three days after summer solstice at a time considered sacred in all formative cultures, Jupiter and Uranus will stand in early degrees of Aries in square polarity to a Full Moon standing conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, opposite the Sun.

Special respect traditionally shown to the Moon closest to Summer Solstice

Age-old superstition and tradition show especial respect and awe for the Full Moon closest to the longest day and this Moon is no exception. Its synchronicity suggests an urgency for Mankind to pay attention.

In the third corner Saturn stands alone in late Virgo (on the cusp of cardinal Libra) while the Sun and Mercury in Cancer form the fourth corner of the Great Square or Cross. Polarizing Saturn in a square is the planet Mars (in Cancer), which, since March 12th this year has turned once more to direct motion. This implies a tendency to act rashly and sometimes without discipline: a trait which in the coming Cross could lead to difficulties.

The planets form a cross-grid. Think of it as four people sitting as partners at a bridge table, opposite each other and at right angles to their opponents. Opposing sides use the tension of their position to intuit and understand what hand the other is playing. After a series of push-pull negotiations, a ‘contract’ is reached and the four parties find a meeting place in the middle – a point of balance – where all four may use their skills and unique talents to focus on a central point of force, pave the way for a final resolution.

Slowly, inexorably, dragging their great bulk to stand in giant opposition within identical degrees in the four cardinal zodiac signs come the huge ‘partners’ in the ‘game’: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto – with the Moon and Mars adding spice.

These powerful entities – representative of expansion, discipline, spiritual growth and death – want to express and release their energies fully but are restricted (by the squares) from doing so. The tension thus created will be enormous. However, as the Grand Cross does indeed bring great change and eventually the spiritual strength to grow beyond our narrow vision, there is a powerful message of hope in the configuration.

Psychologist-linguist-astrologer Jessica Murray writes most knowledgeably about a 20-year prelude to this massive shift in human consciousness. Her work includes detailed analysis of the changes society went through starting with the great astrological conjunction – New Age ‘Harmonic Convergence’ in Aquarius of 1987. It continues through the 1989- 2007 conjunction when Saturn held hands with Neptune: from the ‘melting’ of the Berlin Wall (seen as Neptune’s softening influence on rigid societal structures – Saturn) through massive floods in New Orleans and Bangladesh, earthquakes and global warming. She sees this prelude as ‘softening up’ society to prepare ourselves for the coming confrontation.

About the imminent Grand Cross, she writes:

‘It is from the vast, slow-moving outer-planet cycles (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) that we expect the most far-reaching effects; and when these make major aspects with the social planets (Jupiter and Saturn) as well as with the personal planets (such as the Moon and Mars) at the same time, the rarity of the patterns that result puts them into a category that deserves a unique degree of awe, respect and attention.’

She sees us as having to come to terms with the contrast of the ‘real’ world (Saturn) and the ‘surreal’ (Uranus/Neptune, the ‘quantum field’, ‘Spirit’) in our lives.

Dedication and staying power to follow through on projects and activities are not the strong suit of Cardinal Grand Crosses. And the two oppositions suggest external challenges – our motives and deep beliefs questioned by others. We shall need all our faith, our self-belief and a will to be consistent in our personal connection to Spirit; to show loving intent, a calm center and compassion in dealing with others, possibly amid derision and disbelief.

Both Neptune and Uranus have been traveling in each other’s signs of exaltation: Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces (each rules the other’s sign). They’ve been paving the way for the last seven years asking us to open our minds and hearts to our spiritual selves, to incorporate spiritual principles into our everyday lives.

The coming Grand Cross will test our resolve. With planning and forethought, we may still succeed in achieving our goals, but tried and traditional avenues may not be available. Above all, we shall have to take each day as it comes, live and enjoy our increasing awareness of our place in the great unfolding, and be true to who we really are.

The good news is that a Grand Cross involving the outer giant planets brings with it enormous energy which, if used with the power of intention, in loving ways, will open new doors, provide unprecedented opportunities. It may be a time when many will be able to reconnect with their Inner Knowing, their guiding star.

A time to reinvent ourselves.

So while the Lion of March roars outside, dispersing the last ghosts of winter, we may look to the months ahead with hope that we mere mortals may, with the assistance of giants, find a portal through which to step; to create a better world.

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  1. Marian, I always leave my reading of your blog posts awed by the detailed, concentrated power of your writing – your masterful weaving of the many threads, and the compassionate hope you kindle. I say this each time, but I do need to return to reread and read again – you offer so much information, and you pull the pieces together into the unique experience that is so enjoyable on your blog.

    I will heed your cautionary insights – summers here in the mountains in Japan have already changed over the last few years. Amidst the turbulence and possible fear engendered by an increasing number of unfamiliar patterns, the “will to be consistent in our personal connection to Spirit” is more essential than ever.

    Thank you for continuing to light the way to possible portals through which we might find compassion and a new awareness.

    From another suddenly chilly night in Japan – Catrien Ross.

    Comment by Catrien Ross | March 31, 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you for visiting, Catrien. I know your own powerful connection to Spirit guides you and I do believe we shall need our wits about us to negotiate the changes ahead. Your observation on ‘turbulence, possible fear … of unfamiliar patterns’ is daunting. How quick we frail humans are to fall back into old ways. I am intrigued and would like to learn more how your summers have changed, how this manifests itself on the slopes of one of the world’s most sacred mountains.

      On a lighter note, moments after I posted this blog, my own world went into blackout – most of Scotland’s power grid went ‘down’ in the country’s 7th winter storm. I had a sensation that I’d been ‘allowed’ a window of opportunity and that I should now use the enforced return to winter to put my own words into practice: to reconnect with my own guiding star; to walk my talk. What a miracle that 36 hours later I should emerge with renewed resolve and find the ‘power’ back on!

      Thank you always for your blessing and support, . We’ll make it through; I’m certain of it.

      Comment by siderealview | April 1, 2010 | Reply

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  3. This part that you wrote: “our motives and deep beliefs questioned by others. We shall need all our faith, our self-belief and a will to be consistent in our personal connection to Spirit; to show loving intent, a calm center and compassion in dealing with others, possibly amid derision and disbelief.” This sounds like much of my life. It also sounds like what all light~workers go through too.
    I had no idea you were so knowledgeable (sp?) in astrology. This is amazing, this Cardinal Grand Cross we are coming upon in June. I could not agree more with Catrien Ross’ words on your blogs. She too has a brilliant way of writing! Thank you both & I deeply share my love & compassion with you in turbulent & smoother times. Thank you so very much for enlightening me my beloved friend ((((((Marian))))))….also the link in the photo of Jupiter, for Linda Goodman who taught me so much as a young teenager with her book~sun signs, then star signs. Bless her heart & soul wherever she is now.

    Comment by Annie | April 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Annie – thank you for visiting again – you are always so insightful. i agree It hasn’t been easy to stay in our spirit, but, as you often come out with great positive vibes, I, like you, believe some real revelations are about to occur!

      Linda Goodman was also my formative astro-guru and because of your enjoyment of her, I’ve added her ‘memorial’ site as a permanent link on this page.

      Others have also said a new energy is about to hit us and, if we play our cards right, doors may open we never knew existed. 🙂 x M

      Comment by siderealview | April 5, 2010 | Reply

  4. I am certainly paying attention and know this was written for US, Marian. In Western astrology I am a Virgo. In Vedic or Eastern a Cancer (Crab; watch out I will pierce you). Vedic astrology is oldest so I personally favor it. FYI: to figure out Ones Vedic birth star, take your West and add 9 month. For example, I was born 09/15 + 9 months is a Cancer.= 6/15

    With Saturn going retrograde in Virgo, we still must be disciplined and with our phoenix determination will be showered with blessings when Saturn goes direct in July. There is still sculpting of our souls in play. Perhaps not the most kind teacher, Lord Saturn is the greatest teacher or surgeon. ‘Learn the hard way’

    With the Sun and Mercury (my ruling planet) both in Cancer, a Cancer/Virgo’s writing and communication skills will be highlighted and pronounced 🙂 Some of us make even write blogs! The use of technology will be used to take mass action and raise vibrational awarenesses in evolution and consciousness.

    to read more: click to see Mehal Darji-Rockefeller’s GUEST BLOG for April 7th above.

    Comment by Mehal Darji | April 7, 2010 | Reply

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  8. who is youngblood? i have a fixed grand cross natally and wonder if anyone can understand how it might relate to this cosmic one

    Comment by christa | June 16, 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you for your visit Christa: I suspect that you with a natal Grand Cross yourself are better able to deal with the current situation being manifested for Mother Earth. There are many working astrologers out there (see links on my main page) who will compile a progressed chart for you, but you have probably already come to terms with life’s difficulties, so what we earthlings are going through right now will be small potatoes for you! It’s those with Grand Trines (life handed to one on a plate) who will be struggling to cope with these June-July setbacks. The best piece of advice I would have is to FOCUS … and read my guest blogger Mehal Darji-Rockefeller’s piece which comes after this one (up the page chronologically). He is fluent in Vedic astrology and it sometimes helps to look at this amazing configuration from an East-West slant.

      Bottom line: we are all in this together.

      Comment by siderealview | June 16, 2010 | Reply

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  12. My dob. 4/ 25. Do you anything in near future your. Article very interesting. Thank you for your time

    Comment by Elizabeth | March 31, 2013 | Reply

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