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Harnessing Sun Power: Saturn’s Blessing-in-Disguise

Guest Blog Feature: Mehal Rockefeller

Guest blog by Mehal Rockefeller shines light on Vedic solar New Year

Every so often my friend Dr Mehal Rockefeller guest blogs for me. His popular blog of April last year has resulted in many requests for him to make a return visit. He is literate on various topics, but his astrological insights into Vedic tradition are invaluable for us in the West, where we seem to have lost touch with the original purpose and connection seen in the heavens linking to our lives on earth. This latest blog post comes at a particularly fortunate time as the Indian subcontinent prepares for the onset of the great New Year solar festival on April 14. The Hindu (solar) New Year this year will count 1933.

Vedic lunar New Year occurred this year on April 4th, immediately after the Aries new moon. This ancient tradition is by far the more venerable of the two, counting Year 2068 in Hindu Lunar years. By contrast, and often causing confusion among lay westerners, Sikhs celebrated their New Year (543) on March 14th.

According to Vedic traditiion, at the time of onset of Lunar New Year, all the forces of Creation come into play in three phases. The three faces of Mother Divine (MD), MahaDurga or Mother Earth are Durga, Mahalaksmi and Saraswati.

The first three days of MD are known as the MahaDurga forces/energies, which destroy all impurities, evils, sins and ignorance within humankind.

Mahasaraswati: third phase of purification and growth through knowledge

After purification by the Durga forces, in the next three days, MahaLaksmi‘s forces and energies become lively. These natural laws bestow all wealth and comfort on humanity, to sustain us.

The final three days, Maha Saraswati, become dominant in the runup to solar New Year, when the natural laws of Wisdom and Knowledge come into play. It is believed that only through knowledge can we create a better life for ourselves and others.

It is therefore with much pleasure that I welcome Mehal once more at this auspicious time of year, to hear his ancient Vedic wisdom as it relates to current times. Ed.

SUN TRANSIT INTO ARIES, April 14th 2011: Time to harness the power of the Sun
Guest Blog © Mehal D Rockefeller, MD

Vedic New Year: powerful celebration of the Sun maintained throughout India

According to the Vedas, the New Year starts when the Sun transits into Aries, the first natural house of the Asian Zodiac. The Sun acquires maximum power when he enters Aries–a sign that is fiery, assertive, independent, courageous and enthusiastic in nature. The Sun is exalted in this sign and presents itself as a wonderful window of opportunity to harness its power for our all-round well-being.

On March 15th, a month ago, the Sun moved into Pisces–the last house on its round through the zodiac. That last Sun transit of the old Vedic Year marked a time to ‘take the best and leave the rest’ or to start shedding off what is no longer seving us or of use. I have written further on that here.

In Vedic tradition, the Sun becomes exalted and returns to its full power when it transits into Aries. This movement makes it the most auspicious month of the year to work on strengthening your connection to Sun. The radiance of Sun opens a way for new positive possibilities to happen and make strong any endeavors in whichever area of life you choose to focus. To add to this positivity, there are two further planets presently adding support and creating additional benefits to the Sun’s Transit.

Vedic Solar New Year (1933)

Vedic (lunar) New Year 2068; (solar) New Year 1933

Sun worship is not entirely understood in Western culture which has alienated itself from its pre-Christian roots. It has become extinct in most cultures–except for Japan and India in the East, and the Maya and indigenous Americans in the West. The understanding of the Sun God in India is profound.

Religious and spiritual leaders strongly encourage local performance of fire rituals for the Sun God on April 14/15th. There is the added power of April 14th being a Thursday, the day of the week dedicated to Jupiter.

Absolute Blessing from Jupiter for this Sun Transit
In 2011 the Vedic New Year starts off on a Thursday. This is traditionally ruled by Jupiter. Ancient Texts testify that this is an especially auspicious day–signifying a very good omen–to start a year. Also from May 8th to May 15th, Jupiter will become an associate to the Sun as it moves into Aries and shares the house for the last week.

Blessing in Disguise from Saturn for this Sun Transit

Last week's 'progressed' chart, according to Western astrological signs--for comparison

Saturn is presently in Virgo. On April 14th, Saturn moves into Libra where He will stand for approximately 2.5 years. When He sits there, He looks directly across to the Sun in Aries. Another way of looking at this: Saturn aspects the Sun (opposing), at every Vedic New Year in the next time period–2012 through 2013.

When this happens, an exalted Saturn in Libra, combined with an exalted Sun in Aries, will make the time turbulent and unsure. It will bring in negativity and hardship.

Therefore, this Vedic New Year of 2011, in narrowly escaping Saturn’s gaze, gives us all a blessing-in-disguise and provides us a perfect opportunity to strengthen our life with authority, material prosperity and good health.

Worship of Sun
You can gain the blessings of Sun for a positive outlook for the coming year that will be full of cheer and good fortune. By participating in powerful Sun rituals at this transit into Aries (Vedic and other cultures), your character, reputation and your health will be greatly energized.

Worshipping the Sun God blesses your life with strength, glory and success. The radiation of Sun empowers you with leadership, brilliance and executive power for a meritorious life!

Gain Power for Vedic New Year through the Sun Transit

Every Vedic New Year brings a new perspective and resolutions into your life. It’s also a great time to rejuvenate yourself with great strength and vigor. Sun’s transit into Aries can bless you to:

–sustain the dynamism and energy needed to support yourself in your professional and personal life through the year
–gain the Vital energy to go through your financial and personal matters with ease
–strengthen your career front and shun its exploitations
–develop managing abilities and elevate your professional and family standards
–maintain a perfect rapport with colleagues and relations
–radiate with self esteem, power, authority, magnetism and vitality.

Remember: worshipping the Sun blesses your life with strength, glory and success.
©2011 Mehal Rockefeller

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  1. Now that is a great piece of interesting information. The sun is a very powerful force, it gives us life but it can also bring destruction.

    Comment by kevincachero | April 11, 2011 | Reply

  2. The Vedic New Year is the real New Year because it starts on April 14th which corresponds to the Sun moving into Aries. The Sun’s movement into Aries is really the beginning of the year, not January 1st.

    Each Vedic New Year has a unique name; this year is called ‘Kara’. It repeats only after a 60-year cycle, so be sure to take advantage of the beneficial energies of this day.

    As per scriptures, it is also the day when the Creator archetype Brahma started the act of creation. Therefore, this is the most auspicious day to start new endeavors.

    Fortunately, this Vedic New Year coincides with Ekadashi (11th Moon phase), which is a Power Time to receive the blessings of material gains from archetype Vishnu.

    Comment by Mehal Rockefeller | April 12, 2011 | Reply

  3. April 12th is an important day to herald a new era of success, offering new pathways of personal and collective achievement. What makes this day even more significant is that it precedes the dawning of the Golden Age on April 14th.

    April 12th is the Birthday of Rama, a warrior-king and aspect of Vishnu, whose mission was to establish peace and happiness on the earthplane. On this day, his archetypal energy can guide humanity in creating the Golden Age, where both material abundance and spiritual wisdom will go hand-in-hand.

    The Incomparable Power of Rama
    The sound ‘Rama’ existed even before the birth of the being Rama
    Rama’s name is chanted by the most powerful archetype Siva himself
    ‘Ra’ brings the light of Sun, while ‘Ma’ creates material things
    Rama combines the power of truth with a winner’s consciousness. He was par excellence in every role – an obedient son and disciple, a caring brother, and a loving husband. He was compassionate to his subjects, trustworthy to his followers, and respectful to his foes.

    Comment by Mehal Rockefeller | April 12, 2011 | Reply

  4. […] Harnessing Sun Power: Saturn's Blessing-in-Disguise « Youngblood Blog […]

    Pingback by 4 Gurus Blog | April 13, 2011 | Reply

  5. “Make Hay While The King of the Solar System Shines”
    Sync Up With the Sun as it transits into Taurus May 15th to June 15th. NOW is the time to focus on wealth and acquisitions.

    “Make hay while the Sun shines!”

    The meaning of this old saying is to take advantage of a brief opportunity while it is still there. Do not waste time. Understand it and use it wisely.

    The saying comes from farming communities. There would often be only a short time in which the hay would be ready to cut. Reap too soon, the hay would be too green. Reap too late, and you run the risk of rain ruining it all. This is very good advice for life in general.

    The Sun is the King of the Solar System. He is the one with all the power and the most responsibility. He is the main planet of integrity and accountability. It is through the Sun that we learn how to master our power. The Sun shines light on the seemingly mysterious universe.

    The Sun stays in each sign for a period of one month igniting the matter of those signs. Meaning the Sun will power up or magnify any characteristics of the house he is in. Model after the King. For everything there is a season. His is the natural timing for everything and anything.

    When the Sun in a horoscope is placed favorably the person appears to be in his/her highest point of completeness, or wholeness in life. It gives sterling or first class qualities. The Sun is seen as the mechanism of authority and its vibrations are deemed conducive for imparting power and prominence.

    This planet signifies the superabundance of the creative energy and fills the with person with a burning desire to excel in all walks of life; from all angles of assessment and through all levels of tests. People under the influence of the Sun cannot be easily dominated by the crisscrossing forces of obstacles. That is why Sun is called independent, kingly and courageous.

    The Sun person has determination and pursues the path of success with matchless enthusiasm. He/she has vim and vigor, gait and glitter, confidence and dominance. The Sun makes one to push ahead and establish social harmony in any surrounding.

    A strong Sun will give a peculiar habit of mingling with the primitive forces of the surrounding and then trying to elevate them to higher status with the help of their supernal touch. This makes the person the darling of masses.

    It offers real love towards everything and everybody. It fosters universal love. It offers ambition, boldness, capacity to command, dignity, energy, elevation in rank, faith, fame, grace, generosity, health, hope, happiness, individuality, joy, kind heart, kingly appearance, optimism, reputation, royalty, success in worldly affairs, truth, good temperament, unadulterated love, vigor, vitality and virtue.

    The Sun will always struggle to keep discipline, principle and value in any system and the same time soft inside. A strong Sun will rarely be unsympathetic to any individual and always launches principle struggle against the system of exploitation and harassment.

    In any system of administration the chairperson will be governed by the Sun so anybody wanting to have a good rapport and understanding with the boss they should have the blessings of the Sun.

    Comment by Mehal Rockefeller | May 7, 2011 | Reply

  6. Don’t you mind if I share this information at my blog? Sure I will place a link to your page….

    Comment by Jefferson Czosek | August 25, 2011 | Reply

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