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‘PHANTOM’S CHILD’: the story

by Marian Youngblood

ISBN-10: 1453666575
ISBN-13: 978-1453666579
ASIN: 1453666579 (videoformat, Kindle, Blackberry)
British edition (collectible)

A yearning permeates the lives of all the women who populate ‘Phantom’s Child’. Their lives are shaped by an age-old curse which warns that none of them shall see their firstborn son inherit.

When Dame Lillias entered the room, it smelled of roses...

A curse perpetuates through generations of women, from the first Seton wife, Greene Ladye Lillias Drummond, whose husband starved her to death so he could marry again.

Two Aberdeenshire ‘houses’ are interlinked — allowing the curse to continue through two complete lineages. Its consequences are disastrous to both families.

tells the real tale behind Scotland’s past: how generations of women in castles built for kings nourished and guided their families through famine, war and feudal times.

FYVIE CASTLE is the setting for many of the scenes in PHANTOM’S CHILD: ancient legends which grew with the castle tell of women whose eldest son would always die — and that the castle would never pass from father to firstborn son — but would endure and perpetuate through the female line: an ancient tradition of the Pictish princesses who lived there in its first ninth-century stronghold.

Fyvie's Grand Processional Stair - gateway to the towers

An old woman waits: and while she waits she remembers her childhood, the childhood of her own children and her spirit companion, the Greene Ladye of Fyvie, who appears to transport between the houses.

Other legends unfurl: the fated history of the Straloch wedding which ended in fiery disaster — the ongoing saga of the Irvines of Barra — along with the history of the Leith-January family of Fyvie who founded Joliet Steel and bought the castle when it was ruinous to be lived in again. Even Marie Louise January, American wife of Baron Leith is unable to escape the curse. Her eldest son, Percy Forbes Leith, dies of fever.

Being distracted by her husband, taken on a Grand Tour to New York, she is accidentally guided to visit the stained glass workshops of Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue. There she sees a vision of an angel who must be her son, and is immediately excited to bring her new treasure back home on board the liner the Carpathia, sailing that afternoon back to England.

… the saga continues…

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Phantom’s Child by Marian Youngblood

paperback 272 pp
Publisher: CreateSpace (December 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1453666575
ISBN-13: 978-1453666579
ASIN (Kindle edition) 1453666579
for British readers: author-signed collectible first edition available on site £10.99

The tragic tale of a 300-year old family whose members are haunted by an age-old curse carried through the centuries by an ancient lineage of women. PHANTOM’S CHILD speaks from the depths of Scotland’s lost past. From a hidden corner of northeast Scotland — once the domain of Pictish kings — comes the voice of Lillias, whose legendary form as the Greene Ladye still haunts the halls and great staircases of ancient houses. She reveals a slice of Aberdeenshire’s unwritten history in ruinous castles and forgotten towers where her descendants have borne their unfotunate children, and where, unless Fate’s unkind hand can be stayed, they may be doomed forever to relive her story.

About the Author

Marian Youngblood

Marian Youngblood is a published historian whose special interest is the Pictish lineage of Scotland’s ancient past. Sacred carved boundary marker stones still delineate royal and family landholdings in the landscape of Northeast Scotland and it is here that her fictional stories merge wtih the real unwritten history of Scotland. She lives in Aberdeenshire, grows a garden and communes with ghosts and other spirits.


  1. Ms.Youngblood , about 34 years ago I had a dream , in my dream there was a birth certificate that had the name ” Youngblood and Family in place of a newborn baby’s name.
    A few other strange things also happened in this dream/ nightmare . 3 months later I lost my first born son, my sister lost her 1st born son and 2 years ago my only daughter lost her 1st born son . As did my mother and grandmother .
    Is this story that you tell of true?

    Comment by S Laird | May 11, 2014 | Reply

    • Your losses are beyond human tolerance in this present world. I am so sorry for your pain delayed over such a space of time. Your dream is clairvoyant; yet we are in this world of now: speed, deadlines, bankers, breakdowns.
      Yes, sadly, the story is true. It is the reason the Forbes-Leith family allowed Fyvie Castle to become a vacant shell, National Trust ‘property’ without heart or soul. Barra Castle—Brodie in the book—is now also unoccupied.
      My apologies for rambling about NTS ‘management’ (allowing priceless national relics to rot). But there is hope.

      Your dream delayed manifestation over 34 years. ‘Youngblood and family’ entered that arena 34 years ago also. Local ‘Dr.Annie’, 84, practiced medicine outside the law, delivered first baby to be born at the Manse for one century. Thirty-four years later I have also ‘abandoned’ the stricken valley of the Don and Ythan, to take up a new life in USA—as has that baby born on your prescient birth certificate. He celebrated his 34th birthday last week.

      It makes no ‘real-world’ sense, but spiritually and energetically you speak volumes to me. Your name is Laird. The Laird was always center of all he holds together. You—in modern, unfamiliar times—are custodian/guardian of your family, but, it seems, of greater consciousness around you. I would pray that your pain has also allowed you to transition through into your ‘guardianship’ of what is to come. May you fulfill your ancient rôle of custodianship of your piece of earth and may you be released to live with joy on this beautiful earth that you clearly love.
      Thank you for writing.

      Comment by siderealview | May 12, 2014 | Reply

      • Ms.Youngblood, Thank you for responding. I really appreciate your response and all you wrote.

        Am I reading this correctly- that your son is alive and well? If so, I’m so very glad, as I know you are too!
        I sent you a few of my family names, because I’ve wondered over the years if I am somehow related to the Youngblood family.

        Thank you much. Sandy Laird

        Comment by Sandy Laird | May 12, 2014

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