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Feline Intelligence to Encourage Insecure Writers

IWSGers and Others who Care to Join Us

Smilodon not smiling—after his experience at the Library

Smilodon not smiling—after his experience at the Library

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea—Robert A. Heinlein

TRICK OR TREAT—Ultimate Hallowe’en Trick
Smilodon is a very educated cat. He has been to the Library.

The chief librarian has even taken out an honorary library card for him.
“She is a wewwy kind lady—cataclysmically cat-fwendly. I knowz zat cuz she shared her sangwitch wit’ me,” he confided after his experience, licking his curvaciously-dentured lips at the reminisce. His saber tooth gleamed.

I asked for more information after he went missing last week, during a fairly heavy crowd of visitors driving by his beach-front yard.

Whether he was kidnapped—as he breathlessly claims—or his exuberance in someone’s back seat got him turfed out at the next stop—the town shopping plaza—may never be known. But it is reported that he was chased by a homeless dog from the bus stop, ran for the museum and library buildings, as nearest and safest and found a safe haven. One assumes. He is not sharing his scaredy-cat-ness ;(

“Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly”
Kurt Vonnegut Cat’s Cradle

“It’s a very inconvenient habit of kittens,” Alice had once made the remark, “that, whatever you say to them they always purr.”
Lewis Carroll

Ahhh—The Lib-erry—A Cat Port in a Storm

After it was explained to him that he was welcome at the Li-berry, Smilo consented to being interviewed

After it was explained to him that he was welcome at the Li-berry, Smilo consented to being interviewed

A sharp-eyed gardener heard him meowing loudly and discovered him hiding at the library back door. He ‘rescued’ him inside until next morning, when the head librarian showed up for her duty and immediately ‘rescued’ him even more. She gave him a tuna fish sandwich.

He draws breath between bouts of explanation, on his return to home ground.

“She is a wewwy nice Li-berrian. Wewwy nice,” he keeps muttering between gulps of tea, milk, ice water, while topping up on dry cat food.

“No, you can’t have tuna fish sandwiches every day,” I try to tell him when he gives me that Smilo smile. “Normal cats eat this.” I repeat.

“Li-berrians haz nicer stuffs”, he meows. But tucks in anyway, between purrs.
Even prehistoric cats knowz when to quit complaining and appreciate the status quo.

Cat Lives: One Down—Eight to Go

In short—or rather in human reportage—last week, unfortunately for him, because his demeanor is friendly—Smilo’s smile will even get to doglovers—as a pre-Hallowe’en prank he traveled all the way to Saunders Plaza in Trinidad, CA. He was dropped off, after the joke failed. In a blinding storm, he made his way to or was chased by a dog to The Li-berry where he sheltered from the lightning.

Depending on whose story you are listening to—the people at the bus stop or Smilodon’s own version, the dog was wewwy large. And not on a leash.

We won’t go into the leash part, because Smilo doesn’t have one either ;(

Back to normal—the writing cat

Back to normal—the writing cat

‘You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? Radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat’
Albert Einstein

Smilodon agrees with Mr Einstein totally. In his world, EVERYthing is cat-related.
And, now that he is a true blue intellectual—card-carrying, no less—his conversation has become incessant. I, like Einstein, Carroll and Heinlein, have no problem with that. But his brothers—and no doubt all his feline neighbors—are getting a little tired of the story.

Perhaps he should write a book.

All my fellow IWSGer cohorts in this group would surely agree.

Meanwhile, now that Celtic New Year—Samhainn—is upon us, the rest of the cat population is wiping brow, thanking lucky stars that they can get back to normal trick-or-treating.
©2016 Marian Youngblood


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Happy New Year: May All IWSGers be Published in 2013

IWSGers New Year’s Corner 2013

Cats & Angels inspire: youngest honorary member of IWSG, 9-year old poetess Oriah

Cats & Angels inspire: youngest honorary member of IWSG 9-year old poet Oriah

Winter mode–solstitial ‘standing still’–affects us all to a greater or lesser hibernatory degree, so once again my apologies this month for brevity: but I hope the quality of my young guest IWSGer’s poem will make up for that, and add a little youthful passion and mystery to the mix as well.

I’ve mentioned my talented granddaughter Oriah, aged nine, before. She is currently giving me ideas for stories which seem so much more exciting than my own. And her own evening media entertainment has also opened up new spheres for me: Victor Hugo and the Great Barrier Reef (Finding Nemo) courtesy Disney cartoon, H.G.Wells’ classic, the updated version… makes one long to create on the spot a new scifi classic or extra-terrestrial world never before contemplated…

Magic numbers connect for the pubescent mind

Magic numbers connect for the pubescent mind

In addition to the certainty of her age group (oh, what ecstasy to have such innocence and belief that one can create anything one wants), she is also fairly cool herself when conversing about states of matter, extra-dimensional ways of thinking, and especially as she is currently working her way through the intricacies of algebra and math-algorhythms along with the ‘magic numbers’, [don’t ask!], her dedication is awesome. So it struck me that her venture into poetry was pretty daring, considering she is new to the medium.

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom
Bertram Russell

Opening to alternate entertainment broadens the mind...

Opening to alternate entertainment broadens the mind…

On an IWSG note, one of the delights of the pre-teen mind is that everything has a thrill, a potential; and a twist to the story can always be added to change the whole thing around, without messing it up. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Plot and storyline are spontaneous, pure fountains of creative thought, without an edit pencil anywhere near one’s consciousness. Would we could all go back to the drawing board with that kind of attitude. Who knows? we might revolutionize the fiction world.


“Black cat in the window eyes were like gold
When the legend was told
The collar was silver
When the lights went out, nothing was told

Black Cat in the Window

Black Cat in the Window

“When the dead tree turns into the shape of a hand
the full moon in the misty night
the howls of the coyote
Then the black cat in the window turns into gold”
©Oriah 2012

Bertram Russell touched on the crux of our adult angst in the quote above. To the open consciousness of the world before double figures, there is nothing to be afraid of. That, too, could be something we grownups might like to contemplate in this new year; with no apocalypse, no fiery earth-plunging meteor threat, perhaps we owe it to ourselves to release our personal fears and doubts, put on our cloak of invisibility and a whiff of that nine-year old confidence, and go out there and knock ’em dead in 2013.

My new year wish is genuine: if I had my way, it would be book launches all round for IWSGers. But I also believe it is up to us to take whatever surprises 2013 has in store for us and make it happen..

2013 could just be that year!

Thanks to Oriah, Walt Disney and to our Cap’n at the helm, Alex J Cavanaugh.
©2013 Marian Youngblood

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