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Lots of writers use a nom de plume to distinguish between their personae – it’s the way publishing works.  Blogs, too.  What choice, what abundance: we can be guided by all our Muses and still retain our integrity (who doubts it?)if we are prone to take one persona more seriously than another.  For this blog I become this particular blogger because the material is time-sensitive; the research is all coming together now and our way forward is mapped.  That said, it’s up to us whether we take the information and run with it.

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  1. Well howdy partner! I found you. You probably let me know this link & dah…well no matter I have arrived. It was a long journey, my body bent but not broken. The wilderness was astounding as me & my pony went the journey to find you.
    Just some silliness from a wanna be writer. I had no idea that: Life member of Trees-for-Life; ex- Mensa, ex-SocAntiqScot, ex-everything – getting too old to keep paying for remote office supplies but willing to add more trees to the Earth any time; Funny & interesting statement. I wish we had some glorious afternoons to spend together in your yard, there is much we could chat about & you could teach me many things, my wise & funny sister. Maybe Lily & I should move to Scotland. See if I can dig up some ancestors there, not literally. Better stop before I can’t write anymore here. Love you, xxxme.

    Comment by Annie | February 21, 2010 | Reply

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