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Writer’s Muse and Humanity’s Oversoul

Om, Omega, Oversoul

VERSOUL: that Unity within which every man’s Being is contained and made one with all other; that common heart
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yesterday was Emerson’s birthday. He and his fellows would have celebrated in style. He and his contemporaries, Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman and others of the American Transcendentalist movement, believed in

The writer (in his ‘right state’) as an expression of Man Thinking; in degenerative state as a parrot of other men’s thinking“.

“It is the essence of poetry to spring, like the Rainbow Daughter of Wonder, from the invisible, to abolish the past, and refuse all history” Emerson, Representative Man

A clergyman, but one whose words are sometimes more Gautama than Goethe, Emerson, 1803-1882, had great fondness for the Oversoul, whom he called the Rainbow Daughter of Wonder.

He was first to concede, however, that she is fickle.

Rainbow Daughter of Wonder
Writers have it hard — they have to maintain focus. Whatever is going on in their own private, particular world, they have a daily obligation, an assignation, to tune in and connect with their Muse.

I speak with especial deference to those writers who blog frequently and find consistently interesting subjects to blog about, without losing touch with their own reality. I am in awe, for instance, of the blogger-author-writer capabilities of The Burrow consortium, who blog far more prodigiously than I and have a composite following of thousands. Their 2011 June writing contest, BuNoWriMo –filled with supportive banter and genuine writerly urgings– is imminent (June 1st). I have featured some of their writerly profiles here in the past — and shall again.

For now, let’s take a look at the science behind the Spirit/Muse: They say that as a writer, all you need is a rhythm –the habit– of making time every day to sit down and write. That the Muse, hovering entity that she is, knowing that you are down there, sitting –plodding sometimes; at others racing ahead with ideas pouring from your fingertips– will take pity and come down and join you.

And then there is the growling anti-Muse: the Musebloc, the Great Doubt. But we won’t go there. I have spent the last month in the arms of Rite R. Bloch. He’s not my favorite companion. I am the first to revel in the relief at the end of the tunnel where light as a chink is merely spied — because at least you know the great black hole of negativity does indeed have an event horizon, a finite edge. The cloud of uncertainty and hesitation is passing. Will soon pass. One can hold one’s head up again.

BuNoWriMo, design by Joris Amerlaan

In the case of BuNoWriMo, I am certain their joint Muse — their Oversoul — is watching and will oversee a hugely productive month (followable on BuNoWriMo”>Facebook) from their respective pens/keyboards. We shall await amazing results.

They say the Oversoul/Muse is energized by positive encouragement. Just like the individual who uses positive affirmation to get out of bed each day, spurring her/himself with thoughts of creating something new, building a world never before imagined; the Oversoul is there –omnipresent– waiting for a chance to pop into our conscious mind and guide us to a more-inspired place.

In Emerson’s sense, then, I may be blogging as the parrot, but I do it with the sincere intent to clear a way for the intellect of one of humanity’s great Men Thinking to come through.

Terence McKenna was a Muse unto himself. Permanently connected to the Oversoul through a lifetime habit of listening to the Voice Within, he had a phenomenal hold on Humanity’s future — and its past. He foresaw the times we live in now –the speeding up of time and all experience; the overwhelming of numbers; the love-hate relationship between science and spirituality; disconnection between Individual and State.

He had himself experienced firsthand the fantasy worlds which the human mind is capable of entering, manipulating, accepting, and reinventing. He had little faith in the machinations of ‘mindless’ men, but he had ultimate belief in the presence of an Entity, an Overbeing/Overmind — his ‘Novelty’ — known to Emerson, Hermann Hesse, Aldous Huxley and Sri Aurobindo as the Oversoul; and to Carl Jung as the Universal Unconscious.

To McKenna it was both Oversoul and Eschaton: it is the Intelligent Design of the Universal Mind.

In his view it has tricks up its sleeve.

McKenna died in 2000, as world population reached the six billion mark. A year before he went to the Great Amusement in the Sky, the ‘altered statesman’ revealed a semi self-deprecating tale of his version of humanity’s love affair with the UFO phenomenon.

Oversoul as Saucer
“There is building in global society an increasingly intense expectation of the intervention into human history by UFOs: that is very similar in tone to the buildup of expectation in the Hellenistic world in the century before the birth of Christ. The leaders of Roman society might have been caught off-guard by the appearance of Christ, but they had no-one to blame but themselves, as millions of people in the ancient world were expectantly awaiting the appearance of some kind of Messiah.

“So today, science and government poo-poo the idea of world contact with UFOs, but the contact cults grow ever larger and more insistent that contact is about to occur.

“Imagine, therefore, what you may never have seriously imagined before: imagine what would happen if UFOs were to appear. Imagine a spaceship of the Close-Encounters-of-the-Third-Kind variety suddenly appearing in orbit around the earth.

“Television and mass media would carry this image to every man, woman and child on the planet. Governments would be paralyzed, science would be helpless to explain where it came from or how it got here.

“Millennarian hysteria would break out everywhere.

“The UFO would be hailed as savior, and denounced as anti-Christ.
The end of the world would appear imminent. And all this would occur before the contact of more than a visual image.

Saucer cult: 'Science would be helpless to explain where it came from or how it got here'

“Then the UFO would begin its revelation: vast displays of benificent power can be expected; perhaps it would mysteriously neutralize all weapons of mass destruction or it might use some sort of ray to cure all terrestrial cancer. Whatever it does, one may be sure that its actions will be impressive: its actions will convert millions to the UFO religion in a space of hours. Indeed, its actions would be specifically designed to overwhelm us with the reality of its power and presence. That will close the first phase of the revelation.

“The second stage would be the ‘teaching’. Telepathically imparted, the specifics of the teaching cannot be anticipated, but they will urge love, voluntary simplicity, concern for one another, renunciation of war, perhaps the renunciation of the destructive application of science. Whatever the teaching, the UFO will promise immense rewards for those who follow them and dire consequences for those who do not. The teaching will be delivered in so poetically-perfect a way, so rich in understanding, and appealing nuances, that no-one will doubt their origin in a being so wise and good –and immensely superior to ourselves.

“The delivery of the teachings will set the stage for the third and last –and most shocking– phase of the revelation: the departure.

“The saucers, promising vaguely to return, will simply disappear.

“The entire process could take less than a month. If this seems a short time, recall that the entire public career of Christ lasted only three years. Christ’s career occurred in a world where information could move no faster than a horse’s gallop. Yet three years in one small part of the world was all that was necessary to launch a world religion that remained vital for 1500 years.

“In a world of electronic communication the impact of the Saucer’s arrival, miracles, teaching and departure would be incalculable, even if it all occurred within a month. The Saucer would leave in its wake a science utterly unable to provide any answers to the important questions the event had brought on. The vast majority of people would be fanatical converts to the teachings of the Saucers and any institution in opposition to those teachings could expect to be swept away almost overnight.

“The departure of the UFO would create a sense of abandonment, the agony of which would be expected to echo in the human psyche for centuries.

“The only panacea would be the religion of the Saucer, the religion left behind. Science would be discredited and soon abandoned in favor of a thousand or more years of exegesis of the Saucerian message.

“Is this not a familiar pattern we see in our lives with events happening right now?”

“What will never be said in the wake of such an event, and so must be said now –while there is still time for all of the above to occur and yet still be deception — of a non-deception designed to save us from our advanced science and infantile efforts, but a deception nevertheless:–

“The Saucer –no matter how alien the theory, no matter how advanced its demonstrations of power– is not a vehicle from some other star system.

‘It is the Oversoul Of Humanity– up to its oldest tricks.’

“If one knows this, one can live through the revelation and the destruction of our scientific world, and thus evade the immense power of this most powerful of all transparent phenomena, and thereby maintain integrity of one’s own soul and spirit.

“Remember, I am not a debunker of flying saucers or a defender of science. I am a contactee and this is the painstakingly-told story of my own involvement with the UFOs. I am one of those pinpointed as being a carrier of ideas that paved the way for the scenario I have just described.”*
Terence McKenna

“Yet, from it all I have learned that there is no religious revelation more satisfying than the hard-won food of simple understanding.

“And there is no liberation to compare with seeing oneself as the illusions and delusions of the Age in which one lives.

*”I reached these conclusions in my encounters with psylocybin and psychedelic plants. They immerse their users in the world of the Oversoul and make one privileged to have reached at least a part of the tectonics of operation.” TM

“They allow a private dialogue with the Oversoul that is outside the context of the struggle between science and revelation –that leaves no choice between the alienation of the rationalist and the pious formulae of the fanatical believers. These mind-expanding substances hold out the possibility of healing the breach between science and morality at the level of the individual, thus freeing one to evolve, independent of the chaos and transformation the UFOs may seem to bring to humanity.” ©TMcKenna

“[UFOs are], in other words, something which in order not to alarm us has disguised itself as an extraterrestrial being, but is in fact the collectivity of the human psyche signaling a profound historical crisis.” ©TMcK

If you thought that was a tale worth telling, McKenna is capable of much, much more. Along the way, you may have watched part one (above) of his great vision from the Oversoul: Storytime story of how we evolved through science. It is a tale of parallel universes. Here is part two.

The Crop Circle Connection

May 4th 2011 crop circle at Barat Cikarang, Java, photo courtesy Nur Agustinus

Contemporary news reportage worldwide includes UFO sightings over metropolitan areas; with video footage and recordings corroborating each other. Recent disclosure announcements by US government sources relate to alien craft, formerly denied. Indonesian news services speak openly about current and earlier (January 2011) crop circle appearances in ricefields in that country as UFO-related phenomena. This was most recently reinforced when aerial footage of the May 2011 crop design in Cikarang was taken from a small craft whose instruments suddenly failed in the electromagnetic surge over the formation and it crashed.

While this blog was being written, Peruvian television showed footage of a ‘breaking news’ craft in their airspace.

The Sanctuary, Avebury crop image late May in early barley, photo Stuart Dike

Through it all, and curiously, the British crop circle season has been slow to start, its symbols sporadic in appearance and design and leaving the conviction of its followers seriously dented. Some have even suggested the Indonesian designs are more advanced than the British 2011 season, so far.

Perhaps our communal doubt is being reflected in McKenna’s trickster Oversoul. As he would say, we shall have to wait and see.
©2011 Marian Youngblood

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  1. wow Marian – each of your pieces exceeds the last one in clarity and brilliance!

    Following is a jumbled ramble i’d like to share with you –

    ‘Rainbow Daughter of Wonder’ reminds me of Hnoss – daughter of the Lady Freya (Elven Queen and Vanier Goddess of Fire and Love) and Od (Lifeforce/ Breath). According to ancient stories of the northern people – Freya slept with dwarves and many other physical entities in her quest for knowledge, lost contact with her beloved husband Od, and travelled all realms in search of him, weeping golden tears of wisdom. Knoss waits patiently at the bottom of the rainbow bridge – hoping for the reunion of her parents…
    The Lady Freya came to our planet when her brother/animus; Freyr (King of Alfhemir/ Elf-home/ realm of light/ Fairyland) married Gerda (the virgin elemental Earth) and fertilised her with rain. All Gaian life-forms sprung forth from this divine union.

    So the collective psyche; the “OverSoul’ of us Rainbow Children, seems to be yearning for a reunion of Love with the Breath of Invisible Spirit, after many centuries of promiscuous love for the acquisition of material knowledge.

    Not long ago ‘science fiction’ replaced fairy stories. But many similarities remain. Both literary genres describe interactions of other dimensions with our earthy plane of existence.
    Solitary wanderers used to be taken to dance in halls of elven monarchs, for what seemed like one night, but on return to their villages would be shocked to find 100 years had gone by. Modern theories of ‘relativity’ explain (hope i’m getting this right) that if astronauts travel at velocities approaching the speed of light, time will, by earth-clocks, move slower. These days ‘visitors’ from other realms are much more likely to come from another planet than from fairyland, sightings of ‘little green men’ and UFOs are more common than glimpses of goblins and elves, and the overnight creation of ‘fairy rings’ now manifest as crop circles…

    Comment by deirdre | May 27, 2011 | Reply

    • how could you ever call your contribution a jumbled share, Deirdre? I bow to your amazing knowledge of the ways of Fairyland– Thomas the Rhymer is my limit — tho Sir George Trevelyan used to speak well on Pan at Findhorn (’80s) – and he could actually ‘see’ the elementals. Thank you for visiting & taking time to post – it is mucho appreciated. What *may* be happening is that our 21stC Oversoul is more tuned into sci-fi than our 6th-16thC counterparts — hence the switch to fewer fairy sightings. But ask a 4-yr old & I betcha she still sees them… 🙂 bless you for input

      p.s. synchronicity strikes again: just as you & I were considering these phenomena, a large UFO appeared in Peruvian airspace – hope it displays lol

      Comment by siderealview | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. yes – i think our imaginination plays a big part in how we see these extra-dimensional beings…

    wow – that’s a big strange looking ship in the video! Wonder what it is/ where it came from ???

    am quite sure we get visited frequently by life-forms from other planets but i do think some of the UFOs are black-budget terrestial-constructed craft…

    a few years ago when i went to bed and was in between awake and sleep i remembered – with great surprise – that earlier that evening i had seen some ‘very unusual’ beings walk into my house – but, interestingly, i had immediately ‘forgotten’ seeing them… our minds filter our perceptions…

    Comment by deirdre | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  3. Dear Deirdre, I certainly agree with you. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

    Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.whole universe is the expression of consciousness. It is the basis of all life and the field of all possibilities. You cannot see anything that you do not first contemplate as a reality.

    When the mind is attuned to the cosmic law all the laws of nature are in perfect harmony with the aspirations of the mind. With the synchronicity of the Universe, you create good luck, prosperity, affluence & fulfillment in life.


    Dr. Mehal Rockefeller

    Comment by Dr. Mehal Rockefeller | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  4. “Instant Manifestation & Effortless Creation”

    Visualize your desires and feel for a moment like they are already manifested in your life…. Then… Let go! Do so until you reach a feeling that you do not even mind anymore if you have them manifested or not…

    This does not mean you give up the intention to create your desire, but you give up your attachment to the result. This helps you experience The Law of Detachment, but it is also to help you tap into The Law of Attraction.

    For negative emotions, fears, anxieties, problems, do the same… For a moment allow your feeling to just be, accept them and then Let go! Do so until you do not feel them anymore… until you feel free…

    After you have Let Go, in both cases, whether Wishes and Desires, or Problems and Issues… Focus on all that you already have in your life. Go on your day being thankful for all that is there AS IT IS NOW (so NOT wishing it would be different).

    By accepting the NOW as it is, you apply the Law of Effortless Ease and you stop resisting nature and the synchronicity of the Universe!


    Dr. Mehal Rockefeller

    “Create What You Want With Secret Power of Effortless Thinking.” – Dr. Mehal Rockefeller

    © 2011 All Rights Reserved.

    Comment by Dr. Mehal Rockefeller | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  5. happiest thanks to Ms Youngblood, Dr Rockefeller and the infinitely generous universe…

    Comment by deirdre | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  6. I agree with you Deirdre. Synchronicity at play and the create of real magic! Let us all be grateful for ALL THAT IS!

    I’ve written more about it here:

    Comment by Dr. Mehal Rockefeller | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  7. […] a process of planetary unification, meditation, or Unity Consciousness) and we have seen how the consciousness of belief/oneness can mediate some of the worse-case scenarios. So there is yet […]

    Pingback by Battlestar E.L.E.: Extinction or Elevation Event? « Siderealview's Blog | June 24, 2011 | Reply

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